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Three Haiku for Three Dogs

Cowering dog-

Afraid too,

Of his owners shouts


Down the path

A poodle strolls-

Prettier then its owner


“Why the leash”

Says the Black Lab

Tongue outstreched


Mindfulness & Faith in the Pure Land

In the west, a common practice in Modern Buddhism and psychology is the practice of mindfulness. Mindfulness has many benefits when we first begin our practice of the Dharma, it acts as a kind of lens which allows us to reach a certain level of awareness; awareness to our thoughts and our environment, our various joys and sufferings, as they come to pass in our mind. This awareness, is good for us deluded beings, for when we behave or act in a mindful way, we become aware the root of all our different delusions and desires.

We may become mindful of a certain fondness or a certain dislike towards something, however when one says “oh here, is such and such a desire for such and such a thing, but it is only mind” this is being truly mindful. understanding our affinities for particular desires and why they come to be  is the real mindfulness we must practice, and when one can do this, they can begin to detach themselves from their own ego.

From this level of mindfulness, what must be urged to go along with it, is a firm and unshakable faith in Amitabha Buddha, his compassion which extends to all beings, and his Pure Land which is reachable by even the most deluded. this firm unshakable faith in the Other Power, Amitabha’s vows, is what ultimately destroys our ego. Our goal in this Dharma-Ending Age, is to strive to be like Bodhisattvas under Amitabha’s teaching. we must forget about our self, our ego and its attachment to this world of suffering, in order to help all beings simultaneously, find liberation. By developing a firm and unshakable faith in the Primal Vows of Amitabha, and chanting the Nembutsu, not for our own rebirth, but for the rebirth of all deluded beings, one is able to reach a level of mindfulness where the ego is eliminated and one can truly understand Emptiness.

Sitting cross-legged

Thought after thought, feeling after feeling

Rise and fall like waves against the ship

Traveling to the other shore

Finding the root of all desires

The peculiar and the common in this world of suffering

Our mind, so full of self

Begins to melt its prior ego

In the brightness of Amitabha’s rays;

Knowing all beings have their place

Within his Pure Land in the West

Self becomes other, other becomes empty;

A newborn Bodisattva blooms

From a lotus in a sea of Emptiness

To make offerings to all beings

Who are all Buddhas also!


Cold Kitchen Meditation

A thought whilst washing dishes;

Almost all my Dharmic teachers have been either dishwashers or prep-cooks like myself;

Prior to recieving the robes of Bodhidharma,  Huineng cooked the temple rice and stoked the fire.

Pickup or Shih-te would take a moment from cutting root vegtables to scribble out a poem or two within the kitchen of Kuiching Temple

Kerry Thornley took  up his dishwashers apron in  the small kitchen of America, declaring himself a Zen Dishwasher, and soaking empty bowls full of flax seed.

Jack Kerouac, he just did his own dishes and those of every desolate angel, that burning drunk bodhisattva.