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Three Haiku for Three Dogs

Cowering dog-

Afraid too,

Of his owners shouts


Down the path

A poodle strolls-

Prettier then its owner


“Why the leash”

Says the Black Lab

Tongue outstreched


Haiku for a Snail in the Rain

After the rain-

Look out for snails and worms

On your night-time sojurn


Afraid of being crushed

A little snail looks up to me

With big desperate eyes


The snail-

In the palm of a human

Travels galaxies to saftey

Suffering, Death and 1oo Subscriptions 


Firstly,  a thank you to all who have visited this blog, liked its posts and followed along with my poor misuse of words in an attempt at a Dharmic dialogue. Today I have reached 100 subscribers, which may be nothing to some bloggers, but for me, is something extrodinary. I never imagined that this blog would have been succesful, in all honesty, I thought my words would fall into the internet oblivion, I never imagined any one would take the time to read them, let alone follow me along through all my trials. So thank you, from the bottom of my heart, I hope that you all reach the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, and I know you will.

I made a previous blog post about creating a online store of sorts, to sell my self-produced chapbooks, zines and art prints. While I am thinking this is a possibility still, I’m still in the research process. In the meantime, I created a Twitter account to further expand my social media presence outside of WordPress. anyone inclined to follow me on twitter, can check out:


On a personal note, I’ve been quite busy. Today I met my grandmother for lunch. I was reminded of the filial duty I have to my family. For example, in my household there are 8 members, myself, my mother and sister, two dogs and three cats. Out of these 8 members, 3 of them are on the verge of death. That is more then 1/4 of my household, suffering either sickness or old-age. My beagle and my cat were both diagnosed a couple months ago with cancer. While the dog seems to have a bit more of a bounce in his step, the cat is suffering substancially. Every evening after my meditation, I go to where she is sleeping, wipe the blood and drool from her mouth, and I procede to say the Nembutsu. Though the sight of death is unpleasant, and the suffering of sickness horrible, I must forget this and focus soley on my faith in Amitabha and his Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss, I must do this for the beings suffering, and who cannot generate faith, whether they be the animals in my household, the animals whom I chose not to eat today at lunch, or the people who are so deluded, that any sort of faith has left them.

NAMO AMITABHA-for all sentient beings to be reborn in the Pure Land.

OM MANI PADME HUM-may the mercy of Kannon’s thousand hands reach every suffering soul and lift them up to the Pure Land.

The beauty of the Pure Land

Where Death never touches 

Nor Suffering of any kind exists;

Just beings in their purest state

Enjoying the Western land of Bliss