Visions of the Pure Land: Meditations on Millenarian Buddhism #1 

Vision of the Pure Land: 

The stars are in our eyes, and the sun too, followed closely by the moon, in deep blue, or brown, or green gilded cages that contain everything really because these cages are eyes, and these of ours, are the eyes of hidden Buddhas. Though we may think otherwise, it is so because we cannot see our pure reflection under layers of thick silt and grimey dust, not because it isn’t there! This silt and dust, the silts and dusts of our worldly desires  that come to haunt us and plague us, wearing us down daily with all sorts of birthes and deathes, sicknesses and the dreariness of old age, filling us with all sorts of ignorant and defiled logic, saying to ourselves:

“oh in this day and age to practice the Dharma is much too difficult.. best to leave it to the “professionals”…best to leave it to the Dalai Lama”

But all it is, and all everything really is is dust, dust creating ignorance that puts up all sorts of barriers like greed and lust so we cannot see the true potential of our own Buddha-Nature. Siddhartha might have been a great and virtuous person, but that is all he was, a person, and we, we who are reading this are all persons too, individual persons with individual virtues and merits, and each and every one of us can be just as great as Siddhartha, all we must do is witness our pure Buddha-Body underneath all this ignorant dust. Like the old Zen riddle goes, what is your face before you were born, just remember “Buddha” and “Tathagata” are just titles, titles that we too can carry, even the most defiled of us, so long as we blow off all this gathered dust and give into the will of compassion and knowledge contained within the Dharma and practice it earnestly, to the best of our individual potentials.

“Buddha” is just a title

A title that anyone can have

Turning away from the dust

So long as they practice the Dharma

Dilligently, they too become Buddhas themselves

Be weary that in this life

The “professionals” aren’t just thieves

Done up in the helpless robes of beggars

Just to hide the handle of their knife


2 thoughts on “Visions of the Pure Land: Meditations on Millenarian Buddhism #1 

  1. Great and timely sermon! According to the Master Chin Kung, in the Dharma ending age, the categories of people most likely to achieve Bodhi are reversed from that of the Age of Right Dharma, which means that lay female and male practitioners, spirits and animals etc. are now at the forefront of those achieving Bodhi today.

    So you are the professionals!


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