Reflections of the Precious Mirror

Reflections in the precious mirror:

How much can we cherish the things that gather dust in this realm? Yesterday bowing at the temple gates, tomorrow basking in the ruins, taking photos as a tourist. So it is, even great megalithic statues of Glass and jewel covered Buddhas crack, even more so, do the mortal beings who erect them, and venerate them. No worldly glass lasts forever, karma is a smelter melting everything down eventually, the only pure glass which it cannot break down is the Nembutsu.

Likewise those beings who take up the practice of the Nembutsu, take up this position of unbreakable glass so long as they hold it up and use it to reflect themselves and their inherent Buddha-nature. Their karmic evils will be erased with one pure thought, one pure reflection of Amitabha’s compassion. They see the dust that covers them and shake it off to reveal their glorious Dharmakaya bodies glittering gold just like the sutras state. This is faith in the Pure Land, and it is extremely difficult, given the numerous afflictions of ordinary beings, and yet it is for us loathsome and defiled beings that the Pure Land exists, therefore hold faith high and above all things, treat the Nembutsu like you would your own mother, with utter devotion until the very end when you see those oh so glorious gates of the Pure Land.

The mirror having become a lake

Lets shine in, the moon and all its beauty

With two fingers outstretched to the sky

Saying “why they’re both just reflections”

Knowing that a stone 

Can only ripple this reflection

No boulder am I afraid of

Nor tigers fangs behind me

Just to ruin this here reflection

Of a hairless ape practicing Dharma


8 thoughts on “Reflections of the Precious Mirror

  1. These sermons are excellent! I would like to suggest that you could consider fielding a tumblr site in tandem with your wordpress site. You have excellent art and tumblr will allow you to curate your posts very effectively. Moreover, it is a more social oriented platform, so eloquent and succinct messages like yours should spread very fast. I also heard it can be set up within minutes.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you dearly for your kind words.
      I am familiar with Tumblr, and have used it before, years ago with my poetry. However I find wordpress a little more simple. But perhaps tumblr would be a good place to reach out to a new Buddhist generation and inspire them to take up the Pure Land path.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I like WordPress as well, it’s actually a better medium for authors like us. See what you can do with it, maybe you could reach out to some old Tumblr friends and bring them to this blog, or let them generate a buzz for you with their tumblr following.


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