Free Resources For Pure Land Buddhist Practice

this site offers up many free hard copy texts, including valuable sutras such as the Pure Land Sutras and the Lotus Sutra in multiple languages

a valuable resource for amazing english translations of the Sutras (pdf versions) and beautiful poetry about Pure Land Buddhism

an online collection of the works by Shinran Shonin, my personal inspiration for taking up and living the path of Pure Land Buddhism.


3 thoughts on “Free Resources For Pure Land Buddhist Practice

  1. Thank you very much for putting all this together. I am very grateful for your kindness! The Buddha Educational Foundation is a wonderful non profit and one of my favorites, in fact, I was at their distribution library in Taipei just yesterday. Also, I really like the Shinran-works site, I’m looking through it right now.

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    1. Now that would be an amazing bookstore to go and visit.
      You should attempt to get some of your translations printed by the Buddha Educational Foundation. I think your translations would breathe a new life(their english translations are very archaic sometimes).
      Glad you are enjoying Shinran. His poetry and hymns are very wonderful and remind me of your own

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      1. Thanks for your kind words, actually, I sent my Path to Pure Land translation to them earlier this year and received a warm response. However, I feel that most of their work is with Mandarin, and the vibrant readership as well (there are basically thousands of titles and endless boxes of stock-all in Chinese being distributed when I visited). In fact, as far as I know, most of the Overseas Pure Land Associations are mostly composed of Asian expats as well. For instance, when I translated the Last Rites of Amitabha after being requested by a Dharma friend for the benefit of a nursing home, there was no English translation of it yet, however, the original Chinese text had already seen another thousand copies printed in the most recent run, in addition to being available online at many Chinese sutra websites.

        So I feel that this gap is not easy to bridge since there are so many nuances, I think the best way forward is for us to do what we can, and perhaps this will plant the causes for homegrown Sages to manifest in the West, and then everything would work out smoothly and be fully in accordance with the culture. I have heard in Dharma talks that the first Chinese Sutra translations when Buddhism was first brought to China were done by manifestations of Bodhisattvas, so I feel it would take the same thing to happen in the West for there to be a true Buddhist Renaissance. And I feel we could help attract this by doing our small share, and let the foundational seeds of merit grow.

        For instance, I heard that the Ven Master Chin Kung is working on a Dharma college in the UK to train locals in Chinese Mahayana Buddhism and the Han Sagely scriptures (e.g. the Qunshu Ziyao) that provides the context surrounding Chinese Buddhism.

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