Giving Up This World of Dust, For A World of Gold

In this modern age of conveniences and unchecked desires, it is very easy, especially for us deluded beings living in the Dharma’s Great Decline, to become attached to our various delusions. We think in terms of wealth, how much one has and the value of their possessions, and though wealth may be a symbol of good karmic merit in previous rebirths, wealth is not a virtue, but generosity is! How much one accumulates, never amounts to how much one gives, why is this so? Even though compassion in a previous lifetime may guarantee success or wealth in this present one, if we do not show compassion in this current rebirth, all this wealth which we have accumulated will gather dust and when we die we will descend into unfortunate rebirths, or hellish realms. This is unfortunate, but it is a result of holding attachments to this world of dust, and is therefore inevitable.

 Instead we should look to understanding the root of all our suffering, and subsequently this world of suffering which we inhabit. This root is our holding to delusions as true things and not illusions. When we can understand that all things in this world of dust are but a product of delusion, creating karma, creating existence, creating suffering, we can give up this world of dust, and enter into the world of gold which is the Pure Land of Ultimate Bliss.

How much one accumulates

Never amounts to what one gives

In this world of quickly gathering dust

Wealth is not a virtue 

but a vice within the wrong hands

Who instead of giving, hoard away

Until that dust settles on their old bones

And only numerous Hells await

Giving up this world of dust

To be reborn into the world of gold

Where Amitabha dwells with countless Bodhisattvas

Under trees adorned with splendid jewels

And even all the birds, dancing in the branches

Sing out the Pure Land Sutras


1 thought on “Giving Up This World of Dust, For A World of Gold

  1. Now that is an excellent title! your poetry really complements the prose and accentuates its deep meaning. Your wisdom is profound and your articulation delightfully concise. I say one day you should edit/collect all these together and weave them into a grand art book.


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