Distractions in the Pureland

Every distraction

But an effect of some prior causation;

The rattle of a car engine shatters lowly merit

Sitting here, crosslegged, in the cusp of suburbia

Endless is my Karmic retribution;

Trying to accumulate it all in this life;

Having learned under the Dharma of Amitabha

This body will disperse through the scenery of the pureland

And this mind will have found its source


3 thoughts on “Distractions in the Pureland

  1. Great poem!

    Also, I just wanted to add for those who may misunderstand the context of the picture, that it is not lewd, but actually represents a form of dharma where a veteran Bodhisattva does a high risk maneuver and tests himself directly in a pit of temptation, and once succeeding in being untouched by the six kinds of dusts, achieves the Unsurpassed.


    1. Is there a specific Buddhist term for this ? I have never really heard of such a teaching, but rather have been inspired by the teachings of Shonin, who was very honest and humble in his teachings, referring to himself as a defiled being.

      Thank you so much
      Your support of this blog has been really amazing

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      1. Hi, thanks for your kind words.

        I heard about it while listening to the Dharma talks of Master Chin Kung, it is found in Esoteric Tibetan Buddhism (i.e. Varjaryana). He addressed the subject after some people started talking negatively of Tibetan Buddhism over similar images. However, it is also high risk and only for Bodhisattvas, thus, people like us should stay with teachings like Shonin.

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