Waking to the Single Cry of the Universe

Waking to the single cry of the universe; no description, too dream-like. A certain validity, mind, informal and too on the loose, bumps into its container. This chaos, much too short, much too spectacular and how many multiplying galaxies are contained within this one universal atom, all clear and evident with this wail? Ones own rebirth, as much effected by the pull of unforeseeable stars on the orbiting of indistinguishable planets, that appears as a blip across a light within the night sky, as it is by our  past-lives which we have no history of. This past, this pass, this passing, but a stage in samsara. Our past-lives multiply with this cling. Memory and the legends one speaks of oneself, in ones mind, and in passing, through ones body by means of communication. How one clearly stumbles when one comes across the ego, and this exchange produces hostages! The mind, and the body, and the rest, and the imaginary; all separated, locked in separate dimensions of interaction. This retreat into the Dharma, this ransom note of my ego, with a date, pending my own release, and such a fruitless endeavor, Nirvana, that I’ll slip passively into complete opposition to it. Waking to the single cry of the universe, I now know the limitations that exist within my own perception. Innumerable galaxies, and in every one I am an alien. There is no recourse to associate, to familiarize. Is there any diversity within the capacities of being sentient? Only the realms of ignorance, that very diversification process, the separation of self from other, in a realm of both body and mind, further diversifying into likes and dislikes, harms and pleasantries, costs and profits etc.  This whole time, have only ignorant layworkers been laying the foundations for Buddhism? Even in the flower, the ignorance of being the flower and not the stalk or the leaves, much less an onion or a cucumber. Matlakaspa could not have been enlightened, for ignorance only twirls more ignorance into reception. The whole Chan school is flawed, no less is Buddhism, but no more either. This ramification, no engagement of enlightenment or enlightened engagements, how exhausting is this Bodhisattva path, emptied of everything for the benefit of all?  


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