LVIII. (Thusness #5) The Secular Temple and This Dogmatic World

Can mind undergro a grogress? Is the horizon but a mere progression of this dogmatic world. As what I percieve, progresses into perception, I arise here and think perhaps it is the perception that progresses to be pervieved and is thus percieved, horizon, this ever distant procession. This dogma of the world and this secular temple, so worldly and open. The projection of open, and where it is open, only details to what great extents there is a closedness everywhere else. Mere reversals, and one blames the other, and the other blames the one , and then this blame becomes universal. Escaping them both to become the blame in the dogmatic world by the secular temple, who is tired of its closed gate being banged on when their single open one lay vacant and free of any traffic. Is the ignorant self of one who know not their own enlightenment, then ignorant or enlighented before you? Should one ever beget the other? Is the enlighened one who is ignorant of it all, past the world of perception or dwelling in the red dust? Has the same question been posed twice for the luck of better odds,or have arised two seperate questions with two seperate answers? How should one condition progress to a definition that is fitting of its ontology? Must the codex in this secular temple first be deciphered and then translated, placed out into the dogmatic world, theorie put to acting, the music put to the stage. Dramatic effect in the inquisition of reality to meaning and meaningless. This temporal displacement that the secular temple lay its foundations. Theories out of samsara, realities out of samsara, but no real, no Truth, no great samadhi or even minor ones in this dogmatic world. Consequence. Morality and moroseness, no progress, and farther flung, enlightenment. Miserable habitual reacurrances of the self identifying as spirit, a body and a mind, and the even more miserable spiritual reaccurances of this dogmatic world, identifying as reality, perception, postulation. Aye, so far flung is enlightenment that it should appear a far distant glimmer within the horizon? Never to reached, always reaching to a vantage point of self.


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