LVI. Martial Arts and The Floating Flower

Focus. The sound of Bodhidharma and his barefooted journey across cloud crested peaks being listened to, is listening to. In proper breathe, apparent is the impact and force, apparanent is that wild-eyed Buddha’s journey. To kill him on the way, such a luxury to never come across. None that I have cherished or am cherishing, a simple farmhand to the Dharma, no knowledge of the inner workings of either agriculture or ecconomics. Master soley of the spirit. A quaint folk artist. This living meditation, stillness in non-attachment realized, this moving, this movement. Martial arts and the floating flower, fixed gaze on every reaction. All impermanence, all signs of non-attachment. Ruthless with a smile, to the ignorant, ruthless and the smile to those on the way, and those enlightened need not bother to examine and feel no eyes examining except their own. Holding the sword and the smile and this fix gaze of non-attachment, no examiner here, just a judge. Impact and force, connection and direction, similies in the floating flower’s martial art. Within this fixed gaze, the wall gaze, they both concern only patience, and there Bodhidharma is wearing one sandal and teaching Dharma, still adhering to non-violence, he is cutting out his own eyelids and accepting Huike’s arm as it lay sitting, staining the snow outside his cave in lotus petals, bringing forth a disciple and a patriarch, a legend and a state of mind. Empty still thoughts though no connection bares them, where is this mind that once always escaping, now leaves no trace of its presence. A certain clarity, the stillness of movement, the intensity of relaxing, of letting go, with nothing to let go of, is rather easy, it is the weight of Huike’s arm and Bodhidharma’s eyelids. The bringing around into ordainment within the Tigers Cave. Huike should of judged Bodhidharma’s patience more accordingly, cut off his legs so the snow appeared a little higher on his body and be praised a Bodhisattva of Compassion, no longer disciple or second patriarch of Chan, only vacancy before Bodhidharma’s Cave and Huike’s impermeable pureland. The red stain of lotus petals on white snow.


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