Seasonal Poems- Poetry for the New Year

Expounding to my hound

the rabbit’s Dharma

a returning flight of geese

frightens the rabbit from the yard

silent mind walking

with such loud feet

crunching melting snow

My iron boot

is made from a simple cloth

more people prone to trip over it

then to tremble at its mastery

three sisters born from earth

expanding with this mouths moisture

watering fertile garden soil

and the worms waking up.

Beckoning for the harvest

I watch little indigenous purelands

sprout out in green foliage

over this quaint garden-box

A golden finch spreads its wings for summer

taking flight into non-existence from its perch

into August and then into Autumn

why hesitate

on the way

distracted by drifting leaves

hearing the wind

then feeling it

leaves rustle

nothing in Heaven

is either heavy or light

what one carries with them there

is as limitless as it is formless

the way makes use of all

who calls them challenges and adversities?

emptying this teapot, emptying this belly

as one goes to fill them

what is there really to carry?

Letters on the grass

written in freshly fallen snow

what does it all mean?

Just a poem

on first snowfalls of the year

none go outside for fear of catching colds

I, alone, cough on fresh trails

Huike’s arm has stopped it’s wandering

on an offering of white snow

the one who receives the Dharma in the marrow

has already been this disintegrating corpse

waiting patiently outside the tigers cave

A flock of geese fly by

in migrations of the “V” formation

all squawking southbound

“no desire to big”


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