XLVII. Philosophy Of the Floating Flower School

Philosophy of the floating flower school- both the floating and the school are illusory, what about the flower itself? What is floating is not falling, for it suggests a static and stagnant quality, no impermanence, all samsara twirling on Mahākāśyapa’s flower. Such displacement. Has mere irony caused this enlightening golden flower room for more then just its bouquet in a metaphor. Roots. How does one go about holding it, and when one does, hasn’t the flower ceased both its floating and its school, only to inherit the qualities of flower and liberation. This audience to it only lingers in this captive moment. We are only prison wardens when one relies solely on the senses, making our encounters subject to their atoms and cells of self-hood. Call it memory or the inner workings of the mind producing ignorance, then bliss. Have you seen the floating flower school in all your recent and quite foreign travels in unremarkable pasts? Such repetitions in this karmic altercation. Clinging to all phenomena like philosophy, or physics, buddhism and anarchy. No time to see what doesn’t have a structure. The falling out of flowers from the perspective of the earth, now sudden, its upright nature upon protrusions from the soil. Were they backwards before or mixed up now? In picking them, one never finds out. Is this illusion all that is sought for? The floating flower school is hereby established, the temple is the universe as it becomes perceived in eternity, knowing full well it means nothing more or less then the floating or the school, but are these things simultaneously. all things manage in their own sense of time to become Illusory. The flower itself disappearing before its formlessness, yet everyone carries it, unabridged.


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