XL. Charity without Charity, Class War without Class War

What is it to be radical? Charity without charity, class war without class war, the truly revolutionary. In the wake of many adversities, become the beach, the vanguard of the other shore, and how I am reminded of this by a beautiful soul, entering into my life for the first time, but with feelings that resonate through to past lives and some former connection. Born from the brown earth of an Ecuadorian mountain and the muds of the Amazon, she expounds to me that seeds planted in the right place will always bear fruit. We Discuss Che, A Bodhisattva in his own right, and his sojourn across South America, and how bliss-bestowing hands and hand grenades transcend generations through appreciation. Che, the forgotten humanitarian, the renowned killer, the terrible doctor, whose remedy would echo more through lineage then legacy. Her very presence here, this verification, And I so blinded by some militant nature, never recognized this significance. The greatest weapon used was this unification process, still obviously underway, and quite literal. The malnourished, who delirious, thought themselves mute, learned to speak, and the boisterous rhetoric of oppressed masses was learnt, and became a song and became a dance to singing ears and swaying lips. How much more power could one man ask for, being given the slang title of ‘friend’ or ‘people’ and then having that word transcend time and space. She tells me she can see my aura, now what is left is a curiosity as to know how long it can persist past this mere uttering of life. If I descend into the world of lepers, should I carry a begging bowl, or just an endless quantity of empty rice?

Namu Amida Butsu


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