XXIX. Placards Beheaded, Mercy Expounded

What forest creature makes a habit of dethroning wooden placards depicting the grace of Kannons mercy extending out into the 10 directions? How do I rewrite their karmic cycle, how do I rewrite my own, or was it purely innocence that leaves Kannon beheaded, mercy expounded? I have worn the veil of executioner too. Brought down the axe to a headless stump, and then became that stump, and was there any mind involved? Only mercy. I’ve dematerialized but fear claiming a status. Kannon beheads herself. I least of all am worthy of her mercy, just a product of her wrath. Strangled by all 1000 hands, is this a vessel to the pureland? My prayers are stolen from their trees, or they lay open, all answered in smudged ink. I’m not confident enough to say whether I believe in superstitions, so I’ll just keep praying to the Buddha-natures in the trees just in case, and slide new wrapped up prayers into termite and woodpecker holes. Am I fit to mutter of curses for the forests sake? I weigh out the pureland with every retrogression, here lies the essence of all my past lives karma. I feel nothing now except this flickering. Kannons Merit. I must of been questioning it this whole time. Now I’m struck down by Prabhuturatna’s half of the necklace and trip over his rising stupa. All things have Buddha-nature, even the greatest destroyers. Can I stop the sharpest blades these bliss-bestowing hands? No murderers through these eyes, no murderers in this mind. Allow me to succumb to every fury of the purelands womb-palace blissfully.

Namu Amida Butsu


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