XXII. Amidas Second Transmission

Consume yourself to free yourself

Upon being revealed Amidas second transmission, I am forced to ask myself whether or not it is my ego that is dampening my realization. The wind simultaneously howls with with all the living creatures I have heard thus far, offers me some kind of contentment I can’t place a finger on. The vision appears again against a flower backdrop, and upon his revelation, disipates into samsara, igniting up in holy fire and vanishing into smoke blurring this vision of the minds eye. The wind is constantly consuming itself, its sound comes before or after it is felt, liberating itself in its wind-nature. That common saying of you are what you eat instantly floods my head. If I can consume my buddha-nature, I consume the ego dissipating my buddha-nature, and thus free it from its own restraints and those preventing it from its own authenticity. When I begin to consume, I realize how much of my self is illusion. As the barriers dissolve, so does my substance, carriers of certain plagues and poisons that I have left unchecked up until this moment. The self, cleansed when it is eluded to in guilt, and when it is not, produces bile and how silly does one look, soaking in a tar bath and thinking oneself as clean, though he be jet-black and only slicked for entry into the pureland.


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