XX. Paradoxes in Envisioning the Floating Flowers School

illusion as teaching, teaching as dharma

dharma as realization, realization as thusness

thusness, all samsara , huh?

The first koan of the Floating Flowers School is established and awaits students like myself for meditation and contemplation on it. Instead of clinging to nothing, hold on to everything and watch the pureland spill out. Floating flowers, all stationary, all illusion, all once the weapons of Maras Army. Distraction from the single realization, leading to the true entrusting, the greatest teaching, the greatest dharma. Compassion makes the thrusting spear tickle, with each step in satori, slip on birth and death. The distraction teaches, the realization makes illusory. The distraction reveals dharma, and true entrusting is the light of Amida breaking the realization. Here one goes about handing all to faith. The huh is I, producing it all, representing it all, ending and then beginning again the cycle. The spirit inclined to repeating activity. With everything I can envision, it still only makes a single, stationary pillar in the pureland.

Namu Amida Butsu


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