XVI. Disrupting the Zen of the Forest

My peace has been breached, discovering the fresh tracks of snowmobiles tearing across narrow walking paths and disrupting the zen of the forest. Such ignorance. My rising passions emanating from the spirits of the forest. Anger. Blood curdling rage forces me to yell out down across the valley cursing all humanities ignorance. All is futile. Only anger remains and revenge rattles in the stillness of the day. In less then a night, all religious vigils can be sacked. Nothing is permanent but some things resonate. This is human ignorance, this is my ignorance. As we succumb to the mortal coils that resonate in birth and death, only pleasure persuades us, intimidates us, burdens us, and what has it become? Suffering. Never fulfilled, most have never known a purelands existence. Too busy calling it heaven, with a hope for bliss in death and not a blissful death. Those who are then reborn as voles or some other rodent, as eventually human ignorance meets itself. Such a blotting out of the pureland, and nowhere else to go, but such things have been going nowhere this whole time. Cooperation. That is a Bodhisattvas forgotten virtue. I imagine using it to save all sentient beings from themselves. Namu Amida Butsu. With ignorance dispelled, a smile and a twirling flower over a smashed shrine become my rage.


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