XIV. On Enlightenment

Q. What is enlightenment?

A. When one cannot shit but wants to

and shits all the times that one doesn’t

comment– No satisfaction. The Dharma wipes its ass with every scared bald headed monk and nervous patriarch, and gives bliss bestowing hands to the workers with callused palms. Every farmer has escaped from samsara at least once, spinning the wheel, letting the soil disintegrate from under their fingernails. How many sanghas built from tilled fields and swung hammers? Infinite compared to the crippling branches on a dead tree. Is this the dharma-ending age or has the Dharma just lain stagnant? No dormant truths. The Dharma is everywhere except in Buddhism. Kannon has a thousand arms but which one do you greet her with, all just as merciful, all just as distracting, all just as willing to carry one to the pureland.

Namu Amida Butsu


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