VII. Zen and Zoloft

Visiting the doctor, I am diagnosed with severe depression, but what of the potentials for my enlightenment?Can you diagnose this? I fail to ask the doctor before my prescription is filled out. Sitting zazen in a sturdy office chair, hands clasped in meditation, eyes narrowed down. I speak of my mindfulness and he speaks of suicide. Will this pill alleviate the suffering of all sentient beings with my own sacrifice of taking? I wonder what he’d say if I asked such a thing. He lets me know I may get drowsy. The side effects include acting on those thoughts. Delighted, after my first dosage I offer the phrase 10 times of Namu Amida Butsu,and knowing now that my place in the pureland is secured, I can usher it forth for the multitude and the many. Or have I begun already to let it all throughout me perish? No subtleties in anything, everything a placebo, everything mind-altering.


2 thoughts on “VII. Zen and Zoloft

  1. Please just let the mind think and don’t get attached to the thoughts. How’s the body doing? There are so many conditions for love and happiness available to us right now. Take care my friend.


    1. mind, body, prisons, holding cells.
      is there any difference?
      so many conditions and but one vessel
      as welcoming as it is
      how often does one feel in the wrong boat?


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